TikToker Claims You Can Only Swallow 2-3 Times | 22 Words

In recent years, there has been a bizarre trend for online challenges, and now one TikToker has shared one of the most difficult yet...

If there's one thing the internet loves, it's a challenge.


The idea of setting a task that few can complete (but many will enjoy watching) is something fairly unique to the online community.

And there's one area wherein these challenges typically manifest.

That's in the world of millennials.

A fairly early option was the cinnamon challenge.

In this feat, participants had to attempt to swallow a teaspoon of the potent spice without any water.

To be fair, this one was pretty funny.

The challenge was essentially impossible, and so it was basically an excuse to watch people choking and coughing out plumes of powder.

And there's one place where these challenges usually take place...



Now, one TikToker has challenged everyone to test his theory...


That there is only a number of times you can swallow before your body stops you...

And people have been going crazy over it...


Sharing a short video to TikTok, Jesse Beharrell asks people to try out his theory...


He says: "You can only swallow two to three times before your body forces you to stop. Go on, try it, let me know how many times you can do it."

However, a number of people commented on the video saying they could do it more...


As it turns out, there are 2 kinds of swallowing, wet and dry. Wet is when you are eating or drinking, and dry is when you just swallow saliva.

To swallow, your throat muscles have to contract to force the contents down...


So when you dry swallow, it becomes seriously harder.