Woman Finds Creepy Briefcase Under Oven | 22 Words

A TikTok showing a truly spooky moment has broken the internet this week - and once you see the horrifying videos, you'll understand why ...

It's safe to say that TikTok is absolutely taking over the world.

But there's one video that's blowing up for all the wrong reasons.

People are absolutely shocked by the vid.

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And it's not hard to see why ...

When you think of TikTok, you may think of vids like this ...

But this one is like nothing you've seen.

It all started when a TikTok user found a secret compartment under their oven.


​And decided to investigate the gap.

Creepily, there was a metal briefcase inside.


But what was inside the case was even more frightening.

For one thing, this mysterious pink bar.


What does it all mean?

The TikToker then ventured elsewhere in their house.


Making more horrific discoveries on the way.

This was found behind the toilet ...



And in the attic?


Lists of what look like usernames.

Oh, and a whole bunch of knives.


Big yikes.

Watch the videos here ...


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following up from what i found in the kitchen. here’s what i found in the attic room #creepy #fyp

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Reply to @live_ex_dream part 2! i pulled everything out and had a look. i agree this looks like a grill set but why is it there ? ##creepy ##unsolved

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