Farmer Explains How Long Different Foods Really Last | 22 Words

A TikTok sharing some truly shocking truths has broken the internet this week - and once you see the video, you'll understand why...

It's safe to say that TikTok is absolutely taking over the world.

But there's one video that's blowing up for all the right reasons.

People are absolutely shocked by the vid.

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And it's not hard to see why ...

When you think of TikTok, you may think of vids like this ...

But this one is like nothing you've seen.

Farmer Hayden Fox went off.

"As a farmer, I don't appreciate you throwing the food out."

People are being "lied to by the food companies."

And food expiration dates earn the food industry "billions of dollars each year."

Expiration dates actually "just indicate peak freshness."

"Meaning if you eat the food before this date, sure you'll get the best taste...but you do know that when you go to farmer's markets, you buy the seconds."

"Meaning the seconds are better. And these food processors shorten the expiry date so you throw it in the garbage and buy more."

"I literally work all year long for 60 per cent of this food to be thrown in the garbage."

Watch the video here ...


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