Kim Kardashian Demands TikTok Star Take Down Video | 22 Words

Let's start from the beginning of this looong, complicated story, okay? So, you may or may not have heard of That Girl Lay Lay. She's a fourteen-year-old musician, rapper, and TikTok star, and she's just landed her very own Nickelodeon series. Pretty cool, right?

Earlier this week, Lay Lay took to TikTok to promote one of her newest tracks. The video she shared showed her laying down a track at Kim Kardashian's residence and even featured a cameo appearance from Kim's eldest daughter, North West. Lay Lay claimed she was hanging with North during a preplanned playdate with the family.

However, it seems Kim was not happy with the teen posting the video. In fact, Lay Lay claimed that almost immediately after posting the video, Kim reached out and demanded she take it down from TikTok.


But the Tiktoker wasn't about to take this lying down. She shared the news on her Instagram in a (now deleted) post, captioned, "I asked what did I do wrong and they didn't answer me... so confused on what this industry is... just trying to make good positive music for the #nevergiveup."

But now, the plot thickens. TMZ has revealed that it was not Kim who reached out to Lay Lay - it was actually an interaction between Tracy Romulus, Kim's friend and the CMO of KKW Brands, and Lay Lay's dad. Romulus shared this statement.

"To be clear, it was me who reached out to Lay Lay's dad, grown-up to grown-up. Kim never reached out to this child. I'm sorry it was not explained to her in a way for her to understand (because I very clearly explained to the dad) but Lay Lay was invited over one YEAR ago for a private child's playdate — not to be filmed and for that footage to be used in a music video over one year later. The playdate came about because North was a fan and loved to cover her songs. Kim invited Lay Lay over to their home knowing they wanted to film North. However, North's parents did allow for one TikTok to be posted after the playdate ended and it was learned that they had filmed her for several of them. North is an 8-year-old child who is not on social media, and it is well within her parent's rights to say how and when their daughter's image can be used for promotional purposes just like it is well within Lay Lay's parent's right to say yes or no when it comes to their child's image."

A source believes the move to include North in the clip was a calculated way to garner publicity by Lay Lay, saying: "Lay Lay's dad refuses to release the music video without footage of North because he is clearly trying to use her image as a source of publicity which is why North's parents have an issue to begin with. It's a matter of principle at this point and the answer is still no. He cannot use footage that was filmed of North taken inside her home during what should have been an innocent child's play date for commercial purposes."

Do you think Lay Lay was wrong to post the clip? Or was the Kardashian camp overreacting?