But TikTok also blessed us with something else. | 22 Words

If you've been on the internet even at all this past year, you will have seen the crazy coffees that have taken over TikTok. But now baristas are hitting back ...

Who doesn't love coffee?

In these trying times, it's getting us through the day.

The best thing about a cup of joe?

The possibilities are endless!

Whether you like something warm and plain ...

Or something uber-fancy - coffee will be there for you.

And there's one social media platform that's a true coffee innovator.

For a caffeine lover, there's only one place to go.


The wonderful world of TikTok.

The social media platform has really taken off over the past year.

During the pandemic, many of us have been absorbed into the world of our phones.

It got us all dancing.

Which was something we totally needed.

But TikTok also blessed us with something else.

Brand new ways to enjoy our coffee!

Remember dalgona coffee?

The sweet, creamy beverage was the true flavor of the first lockdown.

You just needed to take equal parts of instant coffee, water, and sugar...

And whisk them for all you're worth.

The added bonus?

It gives you a nice little arm workout, too!

Once you're all whisked up?

You'll be left with a delightfully frothy looking mixture.

You simply spoon this over your milk of choice.

And enjoy your sweet, frothy, creamy delight.

But this hasn't been TikTok's only coffee contribution.

It's also brought some viral Starbucks orders into the collective consciousness.

They're pretty wild.

But some baristas have had enough of these crazy orders.

They've been sharing their most annoying ones on Twitter.

And it's a pretty interesting read ...

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