TikTok Video Gives Police New Clues in 2003 Kidnapping of Girl | 22 Words

This is the amazing story of how a TikTok video has given police new clues into the 2003 kidnapping of a young girl in Chicago.

Police in Washington state are investigating whether a woman filmed in a viral TikTok video in Mexico is the child who was abducted a day before her fifth birthday nearly two decades ago.

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Back in 2003, Sofia Juarez on Feb. 4.


She was just four years old... But first.

TikTok is absolutely taking over the world.

It's pretty unlikely that you'll see a teenager who isn't obsessed with the social media platform.

But it isn't just teenagers who are obsessed with social media...

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The majority of us adults are too, with us posting every inch of our lives on these apps and communicating with others through them solely.

A lot of social media apps provide many purposes...

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People can actually earn a living through social media, such as selling things on Instagram or starting a business through Twitter.

But there are some apps that aren't so productive...

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A lot of people are struggling to understand exactly what TikTok is...

Basically, it is an iOS and Android app made for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

It went viral pretty quickly ...

It was the world's fourth most downloaded app in 2018, beating Instagram and Snapchat - which is a pretty big achievement!

It has been argued that TikTok is better than Vine...

But who remembers Vine?

TikTok videos look a little something like this...

And it has to be said, the majority of them are rather entertaining.

Animals and TikTok are the best combination.

More and more people jumped on board the TikTok bandwagon and started getting their beloved pets involved.

The rise of superstars...

People began getting more and more creative, including autotuning this kitty's annoyed yowls.

Some are just plain weird...

It's a mystery as to what goes through people's heads when these types of TikTok videos are made.

It can now be established that TikTok is just a space for weird videos.

But some people still cannot get their heads around it!

But there's one new TikTok story that's taking the internet by storm.

And it's pretty crazy...

It's the story of Sofia Juarez.


Who was kidnapped just days before her fifth birthday back in 2003.

The case was never solved...

However a new video, uploaded to TikTok last month is giving investigators some hope.

The video was shot in northwest Mexico.

The woman says that she is 22 and that she was kidnapped. She also asks if her parents are watching to come and get her because she doesn't know where she is from.

Lt. Aaron Clem, a spokesman with the city's police department, said that they have been in touch with the man who shot the video - and that he's been helpful.

Clem explained:
The ultimate goal is to get her identified and have her voluntarily give us a DNA sample. … There is enough there that we need to do our due diligence,

They said if they crack this case after twenty years, it'll be something to celebrate.

It would be amazing. It would be great for the family and great for the community. Everyone is looking forward to her coming home.

Take a look at the TikTok below.

It's pretty fascinating to say the least.