Jeffrey Epstein Used Messaging System Called 'Mindspring' | 22 Words

Incredible footage has just emerged of Jeffrey Epstein's infamous island...

Epstein's story is long, strange, scary, and sad.

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Jeffrey Epstein, born in New York City in 1953, made a name for himself with elite investment bank Bear Stearns, before founding his own investment firm. But now he's far better known for different reasons.

He is now known as a convicted sex offender.

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Epstein was first convicted for a range of sex crimes in 2005, when he pleaded guilty to molesting an underage girl.

Epstein's crimes were far-reaching and varied.

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But, by 2008, he has been convicted for running an underage prostitution ring connected to a number of high powered individuals. Epstein served just thirteen months for this conviction.

But this wasn't the end of his legal troubles.

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Epstein was arrested again for sex trafficking of minors in the states of Florida and New York and was held awaiting trial in a New York prison.

Many were looking forward to justice being served.

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Epstein has managed to get away with vile, criminal acts for the majority of his life, most likely a result of his money and social clout. For his victims, there was finally hope of justice being done.

And many believed his conviction could uncover other high profile and wealthy sex offenders.

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Epstein has numerous friends in high places, and one of those friends is in one of the highest places possible - sitting in the Oval Office. Epstein has had a long friendship with Donald Trump, and his convictions for these horrific crimes have not reflected well on the President.

Other men involved with Epstein included political figures such as Bill Clinton...

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And, even more controversially, Prince Andrew from the British royal family.

Of course, all of Epstein's high-profile friends have denied any involvement in this scandal, but people aren't too convinced.

But, before Epstein could dish the dirt on his friends...

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He was found dead in his Manhattan prison cell, apparently as a result of hanging.

It was initially presumed that Epstein's death was a suicide...

But because of the nature of his crimes, plus the connections Epstein had to the political and social elite, some have other suspicions about what really happened.

Here's some of the background information.

Epstein was undoubtedly close to Donald Trump - who, in the past, had said that Epstein "likes beautiful women as much as I do."

This information led the internet to theorize there may be more to Epstein's death.

The fact he was about to take the stand - and clearly had information about other participants in his crimes - made some believe his death was just a little too convenient.

There are many out there who will benefit by Epstein not standing trial.

And the fact that he "committed suicide" before any unsavory information could come out does seem like some suspiciously good timing for his past associates.

There appears to be a number of things that don't add up...

The idea that a man could manage to commit suicide while under tight surveillance already seems unlikely.

In the months following on from his death, the investigation fell silent.

Progress seemed to be sparse, but then, the release of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix last year catapulted the whole thing back into the spotlight.

The documentary gave several of Epstein's victims a platform they had never had before...

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And they each detailed similar, yet horrifying tales of being sexually assaulted and raped while giving Epstein and his friends "massages."

Since Epstein's death, more and more weird news about the man has surfaced.

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Including the bizarre contents of his Manhattan home.

And there's more.

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Including a reported strange secret system.

In a new affidavit, Epstein's old housekeeper has revealed he used a message system to boss his household around.

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He allegedly used the now-defunct Mindspring system to deliver orders around his home.

"It got so ridiculous at the end of my stay, okay?"

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"That Mr. Epstein, instead of talking to me that he wants a cup of coffee, he will call the office; the office would type it; they would send it to me, 'Jeffrey wants a cup of coffee, or Jeffrey wants an orange juice out by the pool."

"I was there. And we have a signal when it comes on and says, 'Hey, you've got mail.'"

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"It was a message system that Jeffrey received every two, three hours, with all the messages that would have to go to the office in New York, and they will print it and send it faxed to the house, and I would hand it to him."

But now?

The latest comes after a group of YouTube and TikTockers went to Epstein's island....

The pair claim to have made it to Little Saint James, in the US Virgin Islands.

They say it was bought by Epstein 20 years ago and became known as 'paedophile island' or 'orgy island'.