Tina Turner Bids Farewell to Fans As She Battles PTSD | 22 Words

After a truly iconic career, Tina Turner has shared some sad news and it's left fans completely heartbroken...

The star spoke out in an upcoming documentary about her life.


And it's safe to say, there's been a huge response from fans to the sad revelation.

Keep scrolling to find out exactly what the star had to say and to watch the trailer of the anticipated doc.

Now, Tina Turner is the Queen of Rock & Roll.


She was born in Tennessee back in 1939.

She's had a truly illustrious career.


Rising to fame with her partner Ike before gaining further prominence as a solo artist.

She's sold over 100 million records.


Turner has also won twelve Grammys, including 3 Grammy Hall of Fame awards, and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

She was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


But this week, Turner shared sad news with her fans.

She's eighty-one and has been plagued by ill health for many years.


And in a recent documentary, she shared some heartbreaking news.

An upcoming HBO documentary on the star's life is coming this spring.


And in it, she announces her retirement from showbiz.

"Some people say the life that I lived and the performances that I gave, the appreciation, is blasting with the people. And yeah, I should be proud of that. I am."


"But when do you stop being proud? I mean, when do you, how do you bow out slowly? Just go away?"

Her husband Erwin confirmed she's using the documentary as an opportunity to step down.​


"She said, 'I'm going to America to say goodbye to my American fans and I'll wrap it up'."

"And I think this documentary and the play, this is it — it's a closure."


We're sad to see her go.

But honestly, she's earned some time off!


What an incredible career.

And at least we have the documentary to look forward to.

It looks absolutely incredible.