Man Expecting Payment After Toddler Breaks His Phone | 22 Words

A man has taken to Reddit to ask if he was wrong to get his friend to pay for a new phone after her daughter broke his.

Of course, while it can be pretty frustrating when your kid breaks something you own, it's utterly mortifying when they damage someone else's property. We all know the "you break it, you buy it" policy, and surely that holds true even for friends.

However, one mother didn't agree with that policy when her daughter smashed one of her friends' phones.

The man in question recently attended a barbecue to celebrate his friend's birthday. At the event was a woman called Kat, who brought her one-year-old daughter. For the host, Jen, this was a big concern as they had a pool in their backyard which is pretty dangerous for toddlers to be roaming around.

Because of this, it was thought that Kat would be watching her daughter carefully throughout the night. However, after the man returned from the kitchen, he saw that the child had both spilled juice on the table and smashed his phone.

He said: "Kat, meanwhile, had been talking to one of Jen's sisters, oblivious to what her daughter was doing, apparently having expected another one of our friends (18m) to supervise her."

The man said that this friend hadn't been asked to watch the toddler and figured that she assumed he was watching her because he was close by.

After finding his phone destroyed, he confronted Kat and told her that he expected her to pay for a new phone.

Kat apologized for her daughter's behavior but didn't agree that she should have to pay for a new phone. Some of their friends agreed that she shouldn't have to pay, while others said the man shouldn't be responsible for someone else's mistake.

In his words, "Had Kat been properly supervising her daughter, this wouldn't have happened."

After the man shared his story to Reddit, people immediately took his side...

As one user put it: "Parents are responsible for their children AND for the property their kids' damage."

A parent of similar circumstances to Kat also agreed, writing: "I've got a one-year-old and I would feel responsible if he broke someone else's belongings. Phones in particular. Accidents happen but that doesn't mean that accountability can't be had also."

Another wrote: "She was careless to leave her daughter unsupervised, leaving her to spill orange juice and smash the phone. It was no one else's responsibility to look after her daughter but the mother and she shouldn't have expected the 18m to supervise the toddler's actions without even being asked. She is fully responsible and she shouldn't have had to be asked, she should have immediately said she will pay and apologized."

Someone else pointed out that Kat clearly doesn't understand the concept of fairness...

In their words, "'It's unfair that I buy a new phone to replace the one my daughter broke, but it's not unfair that you have a broken phone because of my daughter.' Right, got it."

Do you think Kat should be the one to buy him a new phone? Or do you think he shouldn't have left it unattended?