Tony Hawk Barged the Tokyo Olympics | 22 Words

Instead of competing in the Tokyo Olympic Games, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk will be commentating instead. However, the pro skater got to show off some moves this week.

The fifty-year-old "barged" the Ariake Urban Sports Park on Thursday, proving he's still got it.

Hawk, an NBC correspondent for the Games, posted some clips on his Instagram page and showed off some of the best skaters from around the world on his highlights.

"As a kid that was mostly lambasted for my interest in skateboarding, I never imagined it would be part of the Olympic Games," the world champion captioned the clip, calling it "surreal to now be in Tokyo bearing witness to this milestone in the most unprecedented circumstances."

"I know in the end it will help to grow skateboarding's profile internationally, exposing our passion to an audience that has never seen it before or simply refused to embrace it," Hawk continued. "A whole new generation will get to experience skateboarding with genuine public support and meaningful opportunity. I predict it will be one of the highlights from all of the Olympic Games coverage this year. And I'm here for it."

"These are clips from earlier today when @paulzitzer and I barged the park course, and then I managed to catch the last 5 minutes of team USA & Japan men's street practice before heading to the NBC set…"

His fans were left in complete awe of his skills...

One Facebook user wrote: "This man said he'd done his last 540 air on his halfpipe, not 3-4 months ago, and here he is doing eggplants with full extension. Tony Hawk is a legend."

Another commented: "It's actually great that he got to ride the park... He will have reference to the course when commentating"

"Dang that's cool. I didn't even know he kept his skills up. That shit's a lot harder when you get older." A third wrote.

As we know, not long ago, Hawk shared an Instagram video of himself completing his last ever ollie 540...

He captioned the video: "Kinda sad. I'm like a little sad. I've never had much finality to anything but that was definitely the last one I'll ever do. F*** it. Happy I made it. Thanks, guys for hanging in there with me."

So the fact he got to test out the track once more is incredible!

The Ariake Urban Sports Park will be setting up skateboarding and BMX events, as a way to broaden its appeal to a younger audience.

Team U.S. will have a handful of skateboarders at the Olympics, including; Jagger Eaton, Nyjah Huston, Jake Ilardi, Cory Juneau, Heimana Reynolds, and Zion Wright. The women's team will include Jordyn Barratt, Mariah Duran, Alexis Sablone, Alana Smith, Bryce Wettstein, and Brighton Zeuner.