Toy Car Prompts 4-Year-Old Boy To Call the Police | 22 Words

A toy car recently prompted a 4-year-old boy to call the police for his mom who suddenly collapsed and was in urgent need of medical assistance...

And this heroic story has touched so many hearts.


​Now, we all know how important it is to teach children about emergency numbers from a young age...


Incase the worst is to happen.

But sometimes, younger children need a small reminder if they're suddenly put in a dangerous situation...


Which is what brings us to today's amazing story.

Charlotte Khan, from Nottingham in the U.K, is the mom to 4-year-old Essa...

And sadly, Charlotte suffers from non-epileptic seizures.

On May 8th, Charlotte collapsed and had a seizure while her husband was out at work...

Leaving Essa, who struggles with delayed speech, alone with his unconscious mom.​

Charlotte and her husband had already taught Essa to dial 999 in case of an emergency...

But it was his toy police car that prompted the youngster to grab his mom's smartphone and make the life-saving call.

Charlotte explained to the BBC that the call her son made was seventeen minutes long.


"He was having a conversation but there were only certain words they could pick up and the main words were 'Mumma fell down'," she explained.

Thankfully, the police traced the call and officers were sent to the address as a priority.

"I hit my head on the fish tank. The next thing I remember is 3 or 4 police officers waking me up and telling me what happened," the mom recalled.

"[Officers] told me they thought they would have to break the door down but Essa posted the keys through the letterbox. He just knew."

"Even when they were knocking, he checked out the window to make sure it was them before giving the keys."


Paramedics soon followed the police, who treat Charlotte at home for minor injuries.

Nottinghamshire Police said officers are planning to return to Essa's home for a presentation to thank him for what he did.

Supt. Sukesh Verma, head of contact management, said, "Clearly we wouldn't have been able to do anything without Essa's bravery and quick-thinking. So, on behalf of everyone at Nottinghamshire Police, I would like to say a huge thank you to him."

Well done, Essa!

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