Trans Dad wants kids to discover own gender | 22 Words

A dad who previously came out as trans won't reveal the sex of his own children so they can discover their gender for themselves.

Sav Butler came out when he was eighteen years old after struggling with his gender identity when he was growing up. Now, he is refusing to tell anyone the biological sex of his children, so as to avoid imposing genders on them that may not align with who they are as they grow up.

The father-of-2 has been slammed online for his decision...

One of his children, Wesley, 3, has expressed already that he is a male, and Butler expects newborn baby Eden to tell him their gender by the time they are 3 too.

"I've raised both of my children genderless until they can tell me what their gender is themselves," Butler said.

"I'm not raising them non-binary because that is a gender identity as well and the whole point is to not give them a gender identity.

"It will also make them understand more about different identities and help them to find themselves quicker.

"'I haven't told anyone the assumed gender of either of my children because it's none of their business – it's only the business of me as the person who changes their diaper and their doctor.

"By three years old they're talking and can understand and tell you their gender identity, so they can tell people themselves eventually."

Butler believes that although babies have a biological sex, they don't yet have a gender identity, expressing that he gets annoyed when asked what the gender of baby Eden is.

"Gender doesn't equal sex and I get annoyed because people ask what the gender of the baby is but babies don't have gender identities yet-all they know is poop, eat at sleep."


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"It becomes about what's in their diaper and just isn't the right terminology.

"When I refuse to answer what the gender of the baby is, people are usually confused or angry.

"They say it's not my decision to make for the baby which is obviously hypocritical because babies have their genders assumed at birth every day."

The dad also calls his children by both feminine and masculine pronouns to see what they like to be called...

"Even once they've expressed their gender identity I allow them to wear and play with whatever clothes and toys they want – Wesley likes both masculine and feminine stuff and that's okay.

"I would be totally okay whether they are cisgender or trans, male, female, or non-binary. I don't care, and I love them no matter what."

And he also encourages his kids to call him 'mapa' which is a gender-neutral parenting identity.

Butler knew he was trans at 5 years old, even though he waited until he was eighteen to come out about it.

He sticks by raising his kids genderless and exclaims it's no one else's business.

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