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Kourtney Kardashian's most recent beau, Travis Barker, has recently taken things one step further in their relationship by getting the reality star's name on his chest.

You won't want to miss out on this one ladies and gentlemen.

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Now, Kourtney Kardashian has been in the spotlight ever since Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired back in 2007.


And quickly, she and her family became the most talked-about family in the world.

And since then, we've all been obsessed.


They've given us some iconic TV moments, from Kim losing her diamond earring in the sea, to viral beauty trends like the lip fillers and the emphasized hourglass figure - the latter proving to be quite detrimental in the long term, but let's move on from that.

But their success has stemmed beyond just the show...

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Each of the sisters has embarked on their own ventures away from their famous family.

And as they getting older, they are still finding their feet in their respective industries.


But out of all of them, Kourtney has remained the most consistent.

Kourtney has made her ambitions to be a good mom very well known over the years...

She has always emphasized how important her family is to her as well as her ex-husband, Scott Disick.

But because of this, she's run into some problems when it comes to dating...

Of course, having an ex that you're still very close to is bound to be difficult for a new boyfriend or girlfriend to accept.

Speaking on KUWTK, she and Scott opened up about how it feels to be "dating other people."

They both agreed that it must be difficult for the other people that come into their lives as they have to deal with the "baggage" of her and Scott's previous relationship as well as the one they have now. Scott then went onto further outline how this led to the breakdown of his relationship with Sofia Richie, who he dated for 2 years before getting with nineteen-year-old Amelia Hamlin.

But while Scott has been very public with who he has been dating, Kourtney has been straying away from the limelight.


Until now.

She is gone official with her new man, Travis Barker.

For those of you that might not be familiar with Travis, he is a musician and a producer, but he is best known for being the drummer in the rock band, Blink-182.

And not only that, but he was also a reality TV star for a while when he and his ex-wife starred in Meet the Barkers.


The show followed the drummer, his ex-wife Shanna Moakler and their children, documenting their lives together.

But unfortunately, the couple got divorced in 2008 after spending 4 years together.

After that, he was mainly focused on his career, with his dating life remaining primarily under wraps until we heard about his late-night escapades with Kourt.

Now, we first heard rumors about this new couple in January, with many speculating whether they were actually dating or not.

It all started when the Kardashian posted a photo of herself relaxing in Palm Springs and soon after, Travis also posted a shot with a similar background. Uncanny coincidence? I think not.

And then in February, there were several paparazzi shots of them both enjoying each other's company.

Just shortly after Valentine's Day, it seems as though the 2 had a lot of catching up to do when they were grabbing dinner in Los Angeles.

Our suspicions were confirmed days later when a source said this:

"It's been very low-key. They are a really good match, and Kourtney's entire family already loves Travis. They have been neighbors and great friends for years, and it just recently turned romantic."

The source continued:

"Travis has always had an eye for Kourtney. The chemistry and flirtation has always been there. They have a lot in common, and Kourtney has always been attracted to how Travis is as a parent. He's an amazing, hands-on dad, and Kourtney loves that about him. They love relaxing at home with their kids, and everyone gets along. It's going well, and they aren't putting pressure on it being super serious at this point."

And then on February 17th, both of them seemingly decided to confirm their relationship in matching snapshots.

The mom-of-3 just shared an image of her holding hands with a man with very distinctive tattoos. While she posted the photo without a caption, Barker subsequently shared the same snap on his Instagram Stories and gave us the spice we were looking for. They were definitely together.

And fast forward a few weeks and they're now fully public with their relationship.

It seems as though they're fully committed to each other at this point.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the L-Word had been dropped pretty early on after Travis posted a sweet note on his Instagram Stories.

"I love you," it said with a little heart. Even though the note wasn't signed explicitly, fans noticed Kourtney's distinctive handwriting on the post-it.

After that, the pair went on their first double-date along with another very popular couple, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

The smitten Kardashian was photographed next to Travis in the VIP section at the UFC Apex, next to Fox and Kelly who also sent the internet wild just over a year ago after they went official too.

How cute!

Now I bet you're wondering what Scott thinks about this whole thing, right?

​As I mentioned previously, he and Kourt are still very close, but they have respect for each other's relationships.

A source told PEOPLE that he isn't worried about being replaced by the forty-five-year-old, who has also been a long-term friend of his.

The source said this:

"Scott knows he always has a special place in Kourtney's heart and that he can't ever be replaced and will always be in the picture since he's the father of their children

"He isn't threatened by Kourtney and Travis's relationship at this point."

So that's good. It's good to see they have mutual respect for each other's partners.

Things are getting serious. After a few flirty exchanges on Instagram, Kourtney and Travis have cranked things up a notch.

Recently, the Blink-182 drummer has decided to get Kourtney's name tattooed on his chest, right next to his heart.


Keep scrolling to have a look for yourselves.

People just can't stop talking about the cute gesture.

Posting to her Instagram, Kourt gave us what we wanted: A close-up shot.

And we just have one word for it: Goals.

Here's the picture:

We hope they're very happy together.

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