Triathlete Yelled 'You're a Fighter' and Hugged Crying Rival | 22 Words

Olympian Lotte Miller is being praised online after she was spotted consoling fellow triathlete Claire Michel after she came last in the women's Olympic triathlon on Tuesday.

A whopping fifty-five athletes took part in the event on the large artificial island named Odaiba Marine Park, which was set up in Tokyo Bay specifically for the Olympics.

Twenty-one people ended up quitting the race which involved a 1.5-kilometer swim, forty kilometers of cycling, and a 10-kilometer run.

Flora Duffy, from Bermuda, bagged the gold medal, finishing the course in 1 hour, fifty-five minutes, and thirty-six seconds. British athlete Georgia Taylor-Brown finished second, earning her silver just over a minute behind Duffy, and U.S. Katie Zaferes took the bronze.

Out of the total thirty-four competitors who managed to complete the track, Belgium's Claire Michel finished last, with a time of 2 hours, eleven minutes, and 5 seconds, almost an hour after Flora Duffy.

Michel instantly dropped to the floor after crossing the finish line. And Miller, from Norway, who finished twenty-fourth in the time of 2 hours, 2 minutes, and forty-three seconds, went over to make sure she was ok.

"You're a f***ing fighter," Miller told Michel, who was audibly crying.

"This is Olympic spirit, and you've got it 100%," Miller added.

And people are loving the wholesome encounter between the pair...

One Facebook user was particularly emotional about the race, writing: "The Olympics is a time for nations representatives to come together through a mutual appreciation of a shared life long goal. A triathlon is an amazing event all about pushing through suffering from 3 directions. There is no comparison in sports. Triathletes are the benchmark of human physicality. The top 100 in the world is impossible for the rest of us. Cheers to Lotte Miller for embodying the Olympic spirit and for Claire Michel for being the powerful human that she is."

While another commented: "I think this is a great mentality. For Olympic events to happen, many people have to come together, many know they likely won't win. But they still go out there and try and compete. Some of the best athletes in the world don't compete if they can't win, because it's not fun for them otherwise. That takes a special mentality."

"I already gave up hearing the word triathlon. Let alone joining into Olympic event. She's a fighter." A third joked while another added: "She made it to the Olympics. She is amazing just doing that!"

This moment is just 1 of many amazing instances we've seen where athletes are coming together to support their rivals. It is apparent in this year's Olympics just how much teamwork and spirit has gone into creating the atmosphere we can sense over in Tokyo.