People Are Only Just Discovering How 'Twilight' Made Vampires Run Fast | 22 Words

Twelve years after the final Twilight book was released, a new revelation about the movie has shaken fans to the core.

You won't believe this...

At some point in our lives, we were all infatuated by Twilight.

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And if you say you weren't - you're simply lying to yourself.

Twilight started out as a series of novels.

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Written by the American author, Stephenie Meyer in 2008, the Twilight novel series has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

They quickly became the romance novels of the noughties...

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And millions of us found ourselves engrossed in the love story of the brooding vampire, Edward Cullen, and the slightly awkward and outcast Bella Swan.

Meyer's vampire romance stories were a roaring success...

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And, in 2008, Summit Entertainment released their adaptation of the novels with the first movie, Twilight.

And, much like their novel counterparts, the movies were an instant hit.

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With Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson taking on the lead roles of Bella and Edward, Stephanie's love story was not only brought to life - It was turned into a total phenomenon.

The world quickly became Twilight obsessed.

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And it wasn't difficult to see why, to be honest.

Meyer had shined a whole new light onto the fantasy world of vampires.

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Instead of portraying vampires as the typical blood-thirsty creatures that dwell in the darkness of gothic castles, she instead created a whole new league of vampires that we all quickly fell in love with.

The Cullens were a whole new type of vampire...

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And we were all here for it.

Not only do these modern vampires mingle with regular humans...

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They also fit in perfectly with society by attending high school, holding down jobs, and doing basic day-to-day human tasks.

Oh, and the sparkle in the sunlight.

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Rather than burning and dissolving into ash in the daylight, Meyer's take on the supernatural creatures sparkle and glisten when the sun shines on them... I know, it's a little weird.

It is a truly remarkable take on the typical world of vampires.

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And, understandably, fans have been wondering over the years whether Stephenie will be bringing anything else to the Twilight story.

It's safe to say fans are die hard.

But a recent revelation has everyone shaking.

Now, there's one scene in the Twilight movies that fans just love.

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When the entire Cullen family plays super speedy baseball.

They run at superhuman speeds.

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And now one fan has discovered how they filmed the iconic scene.

The more you know.

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BRB - going to rewatch Twilight!