30 Crazy Facts About the Death of JonBenet Ramsey | 22 Words

If you've even so much as looked at a US Weekly at the grocery store checkout counter in the last 25 years, you probably know who JonBenét Ramsey is.

The six-year-old beauty queen's mysterious murder has been tabloid fodder for as long as most millennials can remember.

But beyond the made-up glamour shots and the basic details, how much do you really know about the case of JonBenét? Because it is probably weirder than you ever imagined.

JonBenét Ramsey was a six-year-old beauty queen.

Six-year-old JonBenét lived with her family in Boulder, Colorado: her mother, Patsy, her father, John, and her older brother Burke, who was nine at the time of the murder.

On Christmas night 1996, the Ramsey's hosted a party at their house in Boulder, Colorado.

The Ramseys put JonBenét to bed around 9 pm. The next morning at 5 am, Patsy Ramsey woke to find a three-page ransom note on the stairs. The note claimed that someone had kidnapped JonBenét.

The police were called.

JonBenét was missing. According to the ransom note, her parents would need to pay $118,000 for her safe return. The note stated that the kidnappers were going to call between 8am-10am with instructions for how to drop off the money.

Whoever wrote the ransom note never called.

The family and the cops waited, but no call came. Some time after the ransom call window, the cops asked the Ramsey's to check the house again for anything that was missing or out of place that they could use as evidence.

John was the one who discovered JonBenét.

John and a friend immediately went to investigate the basement after the cops asked them to scan the house. A few minutes later, John came up the stairs carrying the body of JonBenét. He had found her in a backroom in the basement.

JonBenét had died from both blunt force trauma and strangulation.

Her body also showed signs of sexual abuse. Ramsey's murder had a lot of really weird elements. Read on to find out what they were.

While there are a lot of theories, the case still hasn't been solved.

Many people suspect that the Ramseys themselves killed their daughter. Others think that a sexual predator broke into the Ramseys' home and killed JonBenét. But, there are definitely a lot of very weird details about this case that nobody can explain.

The ransom note was not typical.

According to the police, the ransom note the Ramseys found was very unusual. First of all, it was three pages long. That's, really, really long for a ransom note. What more do you really need to say besides "We have your daughter, here's how much money we want?" Apparently a lot. The Ramsey ransom note was incredibly chatty, going on for three pages about who the kidnappers were, what they were going to do with JonBenet, and other strange superfluous information.

The note asked for exactly $118,000 for JonBenét's safe return, which was a significant number to John Ramsey.

$118,000 sounds pretty random. Why not ask for a nice round $200,000? But this number may have been precise for a reason: it was almost the exact same amount of money John Ramsey had received as a Christmas bonus earlier in the month. Which could mean one of two things: either the kidnappers knew John had received this amount of money as a bonus and that he would have it, or John wrote the note himself, trying to make it appear that someone who knew his bonus amount was the kidnapper.

The note also used strange language.

The long ransom note claimed to be from a "small foreign faction." What exactly is a small foreign faction? Nobody is quite sure. It also claimed that the kidnappers would behead JonBenét if the money wasn't given to them in a brown paper bag after what they described would be an "exhausting delivery" for John. It ended with the strange sign off "Victory!" It is an all-around weird note. Because of its strange language and weird demands, some people think the note was a fake. But the weirdest thing about the note is on the next page.

It came from inside the house.

The police were able to determine that the note was written on paper that came from the Ramseys' house. Which means if there really was a kidnapper, they would have had to break into the house, kidnap JonBenét, and hand write a three-page long ransom note all while the family slept. It seems a little risky to come to a kidnapping without a note prepared, why would the kidnapper take the time to write three entire pages and risk getting caught?

The weirdest part of the kidnapping was that there was no kidnapping.

JonBenét was discovered in the basement after several hours. Apparently, the police hadn't searched the house thoroughly enough to discover her body until hours after they were called.

In the basement where JonBenét was found, there was a broken window and a footprint on a suitcase under the window.

It's possible if there was an intruder, this is how they got in. However, there were no footprints in the fresh snow outside the Ramsey house and there was a spiderweb across the window that was undisturbed. If someone had broken in through the window, the spiderweb likely would have been broken.  John Ramsey claimed he had accidentally broken this window before the murder. But where did the footprint come from? Was it a badly-done set up by John to make it appear that someone had broken in, did someone really break in through the window, or was it all just a coincidence?

And a weird thing about that suitcase: the Ramsey's claimed it wasn't theirs and they didn't know how it got in the basement.

The suitcase was examined by police, and it was found to contain a semen-encrusted blanket and a Dr. Seuss book. But that's not the weirdest part.

The semen belonged to another family member.

John's oldest son from a previous marriage. He didn't live with the Ramseys, though. But the police were able to prove he wasn't in Boulder at the time of the murder. But a lot of people think a different family member was responsible. Find out who on the next page.

Some people believe that Burke killed JonBenét by accident and his parents helped covered it up, but there are some flaws to this theory.

The theory is that Burke had killed his sister by accident, perhaps by accidentally hitting her on the head with something heavy or hitting her in anger, and then his parents wrote the note and tied JonBenét up in the basement to make it look like a kidnapping. But JonBenét died of both blunt force trauma to her head and strangulation. She was found tied up with a cord around her neck, and it was shown through autopsy that she was still alive when she was strangled. If Burke had accidentally killed his sister, why would she have been both beaten and strangled?

JonBenet had pineapple in her stomach.

The autopsy revealed that JonBenét had chunks of pineapple in her stomach when she died. In Ramsey's kitchen, a bowl of pineapple with Burke's fingerprints on it was discovered. What does this mean? Some people think it's possible that an argument over the pineapple caused Burke to attack JonBenét.

Burke had displayed disturbing behavior in the past.

There are rumors, which Burke denies that Burke had smeared feces on the walls of his sister's room and in her bed.

It's possible that JonBenét was being sexually abused.

She was found with a drop of blood in her underwear and some signs that she may have suffered sexual abuse in the past. Her mother had taken her to the doctor for vaginal irritation in the past but claimed it was from a bubble bath.

Her body showed a strange marking that looked like it could have been from a stun gun.

On her back, JonBenét had two small dots that looked like they could have come from a stun gun. Find out why the 911 call was very suspicious on the next page.

The Ramsey's were cleared of the crime by DNA evidence, but the crime scene was completely contaminated, so it's hard to make any real conclusions.

There was DNA found on JonBenét's underwear that couldn't be matched to anyone in the family. But it also couldn't be matched to anyone in the police database. Who was this DNA from? It's not clear. A DNA specialist argued that it could have even come from the factory where the underwear was made. Besides the mysterious DNA, the crime scene was completely contaminated since the Ramey's, and their friends were in the house all day before the body was found.

According to the investigator, the Ramseys acted strangely all day.

While they waited for the phone call from the kidnappers, before they found the body, JonBenét's parents barely stayed in the same room with each other.

They also didn't even mention that the kidnappers never called.

The police and the family waited for the kidnappers to call between 8am-10am as indicated by the note, but nobody ever called. According to the investigator on the scene, nobody mentioned that the window had passed, which she found odd.

The 911 call had some very strange elements.

When Patsy called 911 to report her daughter missing, she used some pretty strange language. She said, "We have a kidnapping" when she explains why she is calling. This type of passive language ("We have a kidnapping" vs. "My daughter has been kidnapped") has been linked to lying. Patsy also didn't even mention JonBenét until a few sentences into the 911 call, she talked about the kidnapping and the note, but not that her daughter was gone. This doesn't necessarily mean anything, but you would think the first thing you would tell 911 if you woke up to find your six-year-old daughter missing was that your six-year-old daughter was missing.

Patsy hung up on 911.

Patsy was the one who ended the 911 call. This is not typical. Usually, people stay on the line with 911 until police get there or until they know for sure the police will get there soon. Patsy didn't wait on the line to give additional details or hear if the police are on their way, she hung up so abruptly the 911 operator asked if she was still there. But who else besides the family could have killed her? Find out on the next page.

Although many people suspect the Ramseys, a few other suspects in the case have been considered.

Unsurprisingly, none of them seem to be from whatever a small foreign faction is.

One suspect was a man who dressed as Santa Claus and asked his wife to mix his ashes with a vial of glitter JonBenét had given him when he died.

JonBenét knew Bill McReynolds from Christmas parties, where he often dressed up as Santa. She had given him a glass jar of glitter one year, which he took with him into heart surgery and asked to be mixed with his ashes. But beyond his creepy behavior towards JonBenét, there isn't a ton of evidence that he could have killed her. He is now deceased, no word on if his cremains are glittery, though.

A known sex offender claimed to have "hurt a little girl" the night of JonBenét's murder.

Gary Oliva was a known sex offender who lived near JonBenét. He called a friend the night of her murder upset, claiming he'd hurt a little girl. Strangely, he was also found with the same stun gun marks on his body that JonBenét had.

A schoolteacher actually confessed to the murder but was later found to be lying.

A school teacher named John Mark Karr reached out to a professor who was making a documentary about JonBenét and told him that he was the one who killed her after sexually abusing her. But police were able to prove that Karr wasn't even in Boulder at the time of her murder and just wanted the fame, which is truly disgusting.

Some people think Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey.

This one is kind of silly. There are rumors on the internet that Katy Perry is actually a grown-up JonBenét, and that the murder never happened. This basically makes no sense because why would you fake a murder only to then have your daughter reappear as an international superstar ten years later? Also, Katy Perry is ten years older than JonBenét. But the person who started the conspiracy claims they have the exact same eyebrows! After all that reading about a child murder you just did, I thought you needed a laugh. Still haven't gotten your fix? Here's some recent information on JonBenet Ramsey! Or check our Netflix's new crime documentary Abducted in Plain Sight.