Swimmer Tossed His Relay Gold Medal to Teammate | 22 Words

Caeleb Dressel helped win Team USA a gold medal in the men's 4x100-meter freestyle relay on Sunday night. But, although a gold medal is definitely something to be admired, Dressel didn't admire it all too long by giving his teammate the dazzling gold medal instead.

Brooks Curry was unfortunately not 1 of the 4 men who were swimming in the final, though he did swim for Dressel in the qualifying heats - helping the team secure their spot in the race that won the medal.

After the race, Dressel and his teammates were so excited, taking time to celebrate their extraordinary win.

"We're never going to doubt ourselves," Dressel said. "That's how Team USA works. I had the easiest job last night out of everyone here. I got to watch it on TV. So I felt like Brooks deserved that a little more than me."

This heartwarming gesture made Curry feel included in the win and although Curry will be given a medal for the role he played in the preliminary heat, he didn't get to participate in the ceremony as it's reserved only for the 4 men who swam the final solidifying their victory. But Dressel acknowledged that they wouldn't be stood at their ceremony without Curry.

Curry raced in the preliminary heats alongside Zach Apple, Bowe Becker, and Blake Pieroni.

Dressel also recently posted an Instagram photo captioned: "Let the games begin," and for him, the team's win was the 1st of what he wishes will be multiple gold medals at Tokyo 2020.

Brooks even posted a photo of the gang: "Business trip...deals starting tomorrow," he jokingly wrote.

People were in love with how great the team was together, and they loved it, even more, when Dressel showered teammate Curry with his gold medal.

"Love how you put others above yourself," one woman said.

"CLASS ACT FROM A USA SWIMMER," another person boasted.

And it really was heartwarming to watch!