Vegan Activist Storms KFC | 22 Words

A vegan activist who demanded the "end of the animal holocaust," was kicked out of a KFC after ransacking the restaurant smeared in fake blood.

This is a common occurrence for the protester, Tash Peterson, who filmed the social media-fuelled stunt for her online following.

She aims to highlight the inhumane treatment of animals in the fast-food industry and to get people to stop eating meat and using animal products to boycott the system.

Peterson, who is from Western Australia, regularly posts videos of herself protesting outside stores. Just last year she was banned from Optus Stadium in Perth after running on the field in protest.

In her latest post, she and a few others stormed KFC and called customers "animal abusers." She stood in a circle of fake blood, wearing what looked like slaughterhouse attire as she yelled at the staff and customers about ending the "animal holocaust." The police were later called to the venue, with officers telling them they "made their point" and to leave.

In the video she posted to Instagram, she said: "The world's longest and largest holocaust in history is happening right now in the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

"Non-human animals are enslaved in concentration prisons where they are subjected to rape, torture, abuse, and mutilation before they're sent to murder factories where they are brutally murdered as babies.

"If you're not vegan, you're an animal abuser. Abolish animal slavery, end the animal holocaust."

Now, as we are all aware the Holocaust was the unforgivable genocide of Jewish people in the 1940s, where over 6 million men, women, and children were murdered by Nazi Germans.

Peterson documents all her stunts online, and the latest has seen her banned from every pub in WA. As well as her passionate performances, she is also seen posing in bikinis and shares vegan propaganda.

Well, it's safe to say that people are not impressed with her latest actions, with one person commenting: "I am so sick of this crap. Do what u like and leave everyone else alone. All these vegans and woke people are getting way out of hand."

A second wrote: "Just do what Bobby Hill did from the king of the hill. Instead of the steak, buy the biggest bucket of chicken there is and just eat it in front of her, wash it down with a pallet of gravy."

Another commenter seemed to know what happened after the event, writing: "She is banned from every licensed premise, not just pubs. Or she faces a $10,000 fine. If they sell alcohol she is banned. We need that banned here. She has also been banned from every coles and Woolworths. It will not be long till she is banned from every KFC AND Maccs also."

What do you think about the vegan's passionate - yet brutal - protests?