He threw more shade in a follow-up video. | 22 Words

Vicki Gunvalson's son-in-law, Ryan Culberson, was furious when the former Real Housewives of Orange County actress announced the gender of his baby before he and his wife had a chance to do it themselves. Ouch.

Ryan Culberson, who is married to Vicki's daughter Briana, shared a not-so-friendly Instagram Story on Monday...

He seemed to be disappointed with his mother-in-law as she posted a photo of the couple's baby reveal, but deleted it not long after. Nevertheless, she'd ruined the long-awaited moment for her own daughter and son-in-law, and it's safe to say that Ryan was pretty angry about it.

"You ever get really good news and then find out your mother-in-law ruins it? Well, it happened to me today," he said.

He threw more shade in a follow-up video.

"It ain't smart to piss off the one that knows everything -- and I know everything," he warned.

Well, it's understandable why he got a little angry as he himself, and his pregnant wife couldn't announce the news themselves before Viki jumped in for them.

The video of the couple throwing pink smoke into the air was captured by Viki, who posted it herself without fully understanding the implications of her actions.

The deleted footage was later shared by The Bravo Chicks, where fans left comments about the situation.

"It was something they were trying to keep private and Vicki shared it causing bloggers to take screenshots and share it. That's why it's no longer on Vick's page," one user said.

Back in August, Ryan announced they were pregnant with their 4th child, saying their "new edition" will arrive in March 2022...

And since the announcement, Briana has even spoken out against people who are using her Instagram as a place to project hate and gossip.

"Just a reminder: this is a keto diet page. This is not a gossip site where you can get updates about my mom's life and talk major crap on me about my personal life," she wrote underneath a screenshot of a troll asking why she continues to have children.

"Yes, I'm pregnant with our 4th child. We are over the moon excited, as are our children and the rest of our family. I will not share or discuss anything personal about this pregnancy other than what I'm eating during it," she continued.

"Let's just eat good food and be nice to people," she finished.

Amen to that, girl!

The couple has been married since 2011 and already have 3 children together.

Troy is 8, Owen is 7, and little Hank, who is only 9 months old, and although a 4th on the way sounds like quite a lot of work, we are certain the power couple can handle it.

Both have been extremely successful in their careers with Ryan being a retired US Marine, and his wife Briana using her time to expand her social reach on her Keto-based Instagram account as well as being a successful television personality.

And although their baby shower didn't go as originally planned, we can all agree that it was still beautiful.