Woman on TikTok Humiliated After Sending Video Meant For Her Boyfriend to Her Mom | 22 Words

A woman shared a truly horrifying story on TikTok of a x-rated video that ended up in the wrong hands.

And she's not the only person to make a horrible error on her phone. It gets worse every time...

You know that moment when you realize what you have just done?

Noooooooo. I need to take that back! Please can someone invent a time machine that will take me back just one minute so I can stop myself from making that epic mistake? Please.

We bet this guy is having one of those moments after he sent his mom this.

Mom, meet my new girlfriend. She is sweet, funny and loves me very much.

When would you like to meet her in person?

Change my diaper, please.

This girl accidentally sent her dad a link to a site for adult babies.

You definitely don't want to be using that word in a text to your child's teacher.

It's an easy mistake to make.

Sending a naughty text to the wrong number is always a bit embarrassing.

But the situation becomes even worse when the person on the other end of the message is game for what you suggested. Weirdo alert. And now they have your number forever.

But apparently more common than you would think.

There are clearly a lot of adventurous people out there.

No child wants to inadvertently find out about their parent's love life.

That's right Dad, blame it on autocorrect.

When you are organizing a drug deal, maybe best not to message a policeman about it.

If this is honestly just a case of a wrong number then this dude has been seriously unlucky.

We grudgingly admire this dude though.

For too long we ladies have given out fake numbers or just as bad our real numbers but then completely ghosted the guy we gave them to.

But one story is truly breaking the internet this week.

It's kinda funny - but also kinds terrifying.

A woman shared a story that's the stuff of nightmares.

All about how a video intended for her boyfriend ended up getting sent to her mom ...

The scariest part?

It could happen to you, too!

"This is a PSA for anyone who uses Google photos or any photo app that has facial recognition," Kara shared.


"So Google photos has this incredible thing where it recognises people's faces and if you type in their name it will pull up every picture and video with their face in it."

​She'd set up a shared album of photos of her son with her mother.


"I made an R-rated video where I was doing unspeakable, un-Godly things and Google photos picked up a very small picture of my son in the background on my fridge."

Which meant ... you guessed it - the video was added to the shared album.


"Isn't technology incredible? A little too incredible if you ask me."