Video of Holiday Inn Worker Having a Breakdown Backfires Massively on the Man Who Posted It | 22 Words

A video of a Holiday Inn receptionist having a breakdown while being questioned by a guest has shocked the internet and well and truly backfired on the man who posted it...

Because instead of feeling sympathy for the guest filming...

Social media has united to criticise him.

The distressing video went viral earlier this week.


Shared to Reddit in /r/publicfreakout it first began to gain attention, before being reposted to Twitter by rapper Freddie Gibbs.

Journalist Tariq Nasheed then reposted it gaining over 3.4 million views.


The video shows a Holiday Inn employee dealing with a clerical error that a guest has brought up.

Currently, it is unknown who the video was first posted by. The clip begins after the receptionist reportedly hit his computer in frustration.


The guest filming can be heard saying "so you want to get mad and hit the computer because your company made a mistake."

He then continues to probe the receptionist while he tries to compose himself.


But, eventually it becomes to much for the receptionist and he snaps...

Hitting himself in the head...


And on his computer screen.

He then walks off-camera, where he can be heard sobbing.


While the guest continues to complain.

There's no denying its hard to watch the video unfold.


So, it comes as no surprise that sharing the video online has backfired on the man who posted it.

Since the video emerged online, a Reddit user has come forward to claim he is the receptionist.


In now-deleted comments, the user wrote: "While I've now quit this position (my management supported me, and told me I'm welcome back. The guest was ejected from the hotel for escalating issues with staff and the owners.) I do have mental disorders."

"I suffer from BPD and schizo-affective disorders."


He then revealed that off camera the guest had called him a homophobic slur.

"What this fine, 5'5" bald gentleman behind the camera DIDN'T record was the fact that he called me a F**GOT for an associate's mistake," he said.

"He was aggressive, and fishing for a reaction. He sure got it; and I'm glad this was a wake up call for me to stop slaving away for corporations who do not care about you at all, or the guests."

A GoFundMe has been set up for the worker.


So far, over eighty thousand dollars have been raised.

Jeremy Hambly, the organizer of the page, wrote: "A Holiday Inn employee was harassed and filmed by a customer having a mental breakdown & is now receiving death threats & having thoughts of self-harm. It turns out this employee has BPD with schizo-active tendencies. According To Him.


"Let's give him enough of a head start on finding a job where people don't treat him terrible & he can take a nice little vacation."

You can see the distressing video here.

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