Woman Shares Viral Leg-Shaving Hack | 22 Words

Anyone who's ever undertaken the painstaking process of shaving their legs can tell you what a huge pain it can be. Not only can it take forever, but it also needs to be kept up with regularly - plus, there's the inevitability of painful cuts and nicks.

But this week, one TikToker has blown the internet away with a viral leg-shaving hack that's changing peoples' lives. Lauren Henderson shared the trick on her TikTok and the video has taken off, with over 100,000 likes at the time of writing.

So, what's the trick? Well, let Lauren tell you. "I have got to show you a life hack that I learned on TikTok. I mean, does anyone else learn so much about life through TikTok, or is it just me?" she begins. "It deals with shaving your legs, so if you shave your legs, listen up!"

Instead of taking your razor off of your leg between each stroke, Lauren recommends instead moving your razor in an up and down motion. This allows you to shave your legs in both directions, saving time and giving a smoother shave!


Who freaking knew? Cause I didn’t🤯 thank you girl on tiktok—I am forever changed! #fy #fyp #foryou #shavingtips #shavinghack

"I literally just did this this morning, so grab your razor!" she explains. "You know how we lather our legs up and we shave, and we shave, and we do all that, right? Wrong! So wrong! Try this instead: Shave, but don't lift it. It literally took me five seconds per leg to shave my legs this morning, that is the fastest it has ever taken me in my life. And you can go over your knees too, and it doesn't cut you up!"

People are trying out the same hack and going absolutely wild for it. "I tried it out of curiosity and it really does work, just in case anyone is hesitant. No cuts nothing but smooth legs," wrote one commenter. Another agreed, adding: "I literally paused this video, went and showered and did this and came back to say … OMG!"

However, some others are a little more skeptical. One Facebook commenter wrote: "The word 'hack' is doing some VERY heavy lifting here." Another leg shaving expert went on: "I've done this for years before I started epilating... thought this was going to be something really good!"

In fact, it seems many in the leg shaving community already knew about this. "Well, she's clever. I learned this years ago," another skeptic added.

Did you know about this hack? Or is it going to change your leg shaving life forever?