Waffle House Employee Having Baby in Kitchen Tragic Backstory | 22 Words

The Waffle House employee who was slammed for having a baby in the kitchen actually has a tragic backstory...

It seems as though she was just trying to help her family.


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Now, becoming a parent is full of joy.


There's a reason the "baby bug" bites many of us — and that's because children are truly a gift.

But that doesn't mean having kids isn't hard.


Being a parent comes with many challenges, one of them being childcare.

Balancing a job with the struggle with finding child care can be almost impossible.


And sometimes, its very tempting to just them with you... Which is just what one woman did.

A video of Tiffany Clark, a Waffle House employee, recently went viral after she was filmed holding a baby while stood in the kitchen during her shift.


Many criticized her for taking a child into a busy kitchen, but it turns out she had no choice.

Clark had to look after the child, who is her 4-month-old niece, Octavia, to help her family...


A move that many people have since praised her for...

Speaking with TMZ, Clark explained that she was working an overnight shift at a South Carolina Waffle House when she received a phone call.

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The call was from the baby's grandmother, asking for her help in a desperate family situation.

The grandmother need her to look after Octavia as soon as possible because her mom was being hospitalized for mental health reasons.


Clark, a mom of 4, explained to the outlet that if she didn't take Octavia, she would have ended up with child services.

Octavia is the daughter of Clark's brother who sadly passed away.

She also told the outlet that the video was nothing like it appeared as she was only behind the counter for a brief moment, which was caught on video.


And she was not actually cooking any food, she was just marking plates for servers.

As a result of the video, Clark was suspended from work for a week by her boss...

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But, on a more positive note, she now hopes to become Octavia's legal guardian while her mom gets the help she needs.

You can see the video below:

We think she made the best out of a bad situation! Good luck to her!