Waitress Quits After Customer Refuses To Put On a Mask | 22 Words

A waitress ended up quitting on the spot after a customer refused to wear a mask in the establishment.

Why do some customers have to be so goddamn difficult?

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Now, working in hospitality is very tough.

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Many of us have had to work behind a bar or earn money waiting on tables at some point, whether it be as a part-time weekend job or a job to fund school studies.

It takes a certain personality to be able to work in this kind of environment...

Hospitality requires a lot of hard work and resilience and, often, the work can be very rewarding.

But for many people...

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Working in hospitality is a full-time profession, and it is the only way to earn money.

But it is a well-known fact that here in America...

Waitresses aren't paid well, at all.

It's shocking...

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And it is an utter disgrace at how little they are paid per hour, with many being paid as little as $2.

This is a very sad reality for a lot of people...

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Especially for those trying to support and raise small families.

Many rely on an income that is based on tips from customers because their paychecks are too low...

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But even then, some customer's aren't as appreciative as you'd hope they are.

And with the added pressure of the pandemic, things are already hard enough...

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Hospitality workers are risking their health to provide for customers during the pandemic but it seems as though some people are having trouble with coming to terms with certain rules they have to follow.

And the mask rule seems to be causing the biggest bust-ups.


One waitress had enough after a rude customer refused to wear a mask in the restaurant and things escalated to the point where she quit right in front of them.

The video was re-posted to Twitter where it received many comments...

In the fifty-nine-second clip, you can hear the waitress asking the customer to put a mask on.


​Of course, the woman starts arguing about the mandate because she has "just put [her] lipstick on", even though the man she's with is wearing a mask himself.

Things start escalating, so the waitress calls for her manager.


But the situation doesn't get any better as the manager tries to calmly explain why wearing a mask within the premises is a rule that needs to be abided by.

Then suddenly, after hearing enough, the waitress pipes up.


"It's people like you that make it difficult for having a job", the waitress says adding: "I don't get paid enough to be here."

And with that, she walks out.

"And it's not fair because it's not even my fault," she is heard yelling while removing her cap and apron.


"I quit. I'm sorry. Thank you, thanks a lot."

And straight after that, the customer who was arguing her case decided to give in and just put her mask on... What?


After going viral, some people have disputed the credibility of the video, claiming it might be staged, but the message behind the clip remains the same. Retail and hospitality staff are treated terribly by some people and especially during this pandemic which they have no control over.

They are the rules. Respect them.


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