This Wali Outlet Shelf Is All Anyone on Tiktok Is Talking About | 22 Words

TikTok is going crazy for this groovy little invention which makes your life feel so much more organized and has a huge decrease in clutter! It's true that some of the handiest and most useful objects in your home are the ones that aren't as obvious: that can definitely be said for this outlet add-on that both TikTokers and Amazon shoppers seem to adore.

Have a look for yourselves...

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The Wali outlet shelf instantly adds more storage to any space...


The Amazon find has racked up 3,500 5-star ratings — and a near-perfect overall rating of 4.6 stars — from Amazon shoppers who rave about its usefulness, calling it a "great solution" for decluttering and holding speakers, smart home devices, cell phones, and all kinds of electronics.

The Wali outlet shelf is just $8 right now on Amazon.


The sleek piece mounts on the wall in minutes; simply remove the outlet's current cover, line it up with the perimeter, and then reattach the plate back in its place. It comes in both black and white and the top is large enough to store Amazon Echo devices, Google Home smart home hubs, WiFi systems, and various Bluetooth speakers.

It's gone crazy on TikTok...


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The popular account Top Online Finds included the outlet shelf in its "bathroom items you didn't know you needed" video, which has received over 3 million likes and 15 million views.

The Amazon reviews on this product have also been absolutely insane...


"This little shelf is awesome! Now, my [Echo] Dot is always in a perfect spot and sounds great all the time," another reviewer wrote of the "super sturdy" shelf. "I didn't know how much I needed this until I had it! Now, I need to get more for the other devices around my house." One customer said.

Another customer also added: "This is one of those amazing space-saving products you can't wait to tell your friends about."


"I love listening to music while in the shower, and having my Amazon Echo there is perfect," another reviewer said. "It was a breeze [to install] and I don't anticipate any damage when removing it." Plus, the shelf "frees up counter space and doesn't hide the outlets, either," they added.

This little shelf will be the perfect addition to your home.

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