White Claw Releasing a New Line of High-Alcohol Hard Seltzer | 22 Words

White Claw has basically taken over the world - but their latest launch might be an improvement on a classic.

Let's start at the beginning.

White Claw has quite the origin story.

In the beginning, White Claw beverages were a low calorie, high sugar content, alcoholic sparkling water.

It's the kind of drink you'd find at a sorority party, or maybe something your mom would pick out if you asked her to get some hard liquor for your killer party.

So how did White Claw become cool?

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Well, I mean, with memes, something can be claimed an ironic way but then, through its journey through the meme world, become so big that people forget why it became such a thing and it actually becomes popular.

Did White Claw become "badass?"

The White Claw memes all asserted ironically that drinking White Claw made you act against the law.

This soon became a thing that people confused with truth... or at least converted what was previously understood to be a lame beverage, into a liquor-based drink that made you a rebel.

What happens when you drink Claws?

*chorus of screaming college kids*: "There ain't now laws!"

Naturally, it's only funny because White Claws is not hard liquor...

Because of the "type" of people associated with White Claw and because of its low alcohol content, the meme is funny.

YouTuber, Trevor Wallace, was at the forefront of the WC movement.

After posting a parody video wherein he joked about how great White Claw was, it went viral.

The video contained many quotable moments which subsequently got turned into memes.

"White Claw summer 2019, baby!"

But it lasted way longer than that ...

Wallace made White Claw a drink for dudes.

Before his parody video, no guy would be seen dead drinking this "girly" alcoholic seltzer. After White Claw became a viral trend, things changed.

This annoyed some people.

I mean, I guess it might be annoying if people call you lame for liking something and then, overnight, it becomes "trendy"?

White Claw was rebaptized.

Cleansed of its previous lame vibes, the drink became, literally, the beverage of champions.

Some people hit the hype hard.

The love is real.

Being an adult's a funny thing!

But White Claw makes it easier.

Not everyone is in to it.

But it's safe to say it had a loyal legion of fans.

A White Claw Haiku!

A meme and a haiku all wrapped into one.

But the latest White Claw launch might just be their best yet ...

Yep, meet Surge - the 8% ABV hard seltzer from White Claw.

Available in Blood Orange and Cranberry, they're in store now - if you dare ...