Widower Builds Community Pool to Share After Losing His Wife | 22 Words

A ninety-four-year-old widower has built a community pool to share with his neighbors after losing his wife.

Keith Davidson began building the pool after losing his wife of sixty-six years in April 2016. The retired district court judge lived alone for a short period following his wife's passing but soon decided that the house felt too empty.

And so, Davidson decided to find a way to combat the empty house and the feeling of loneliness.

He decided to open up his home by building a swimming pool in his back garden for children in the local community to come and use. Davidson's hometown of Morris, Minnesota is a small place that before his genius idea came along, had nowhere for the community to go and swim.

"This spring when I saw him marking the yard, I told my husband, he's really going to put a pool in his backyard," his neighbor Jessica Huebner said, as per UpWorthy.

Davidson, who has 3 children but no grandchildren made the pool thirty-two feet long, sixteen feet wide, and 9 feet deep. He also added steps and even a diving board for people to enjoy.

The community pool was finally finished back in July 2017, meaning Davidson could open it up for local residents to use, and that they did! Families in the neighborhood flocked to Davidson's pool to cool off and have fun.

"I knew they'd come," he told Boyd Huppert's Land of 10,000 Stories.

An excited mom in the neighborhood added: "Now we're going to be here every day."

Davidson has one rule that children visiting the pool must follow and that is when children are swimming, they should be accompanied by a parent or grandparent.

Davidson no longer has to sit alone in his house and instead, he now spends his afternoons sat in his garden, watching members of his local community splash around his pool having fun.

"I'm not sitting by myself looking at the walls," he said. "What else would you think of doing where you could have a whole bunch of kids over every afternoon?"

What an incredibly kind and generous move! We hope Davidson has found the company he has longed for through his swimming pool.