Women Are Loving This Wife's Grocery List She Made | 22 Words

People have gone crazy online for a woman who gave her husband a very important task that she felt she needed to be intricately detailed with her requests.

We're talking about her grocery list, of course. If you're used to doing the shopping then sometimes relinquishing that control and hoping they come back with the right things can be super stressful.

Era Londhe, who's an artist, lives with her husband Gaurav and is very particular when it comes to picking out her groceries.

She recently posted her shopping list on Twitter, captioning it: "This is the task I gave to my hubby last weekend!! Even U guys should follow this list for happy customers #bigbasket #grofers #reliancefresh

There's just so much detail to unpack in the list! The potato size chart, the descriptions, and sketches of the drawings, and the little tips and tricks that are hidden away. It has to be almost impossible for her husband to mess up the grocery run with this level of detail, surely!

The post had only been up minutes when it had thousands of retweets with people adoring and admiring her sketches.

Another part people loved was the spot where she told him specifically to "ask for free" stuff. So, not only has she made sure he gets all the goods she asked for, but reminded him that if you don't ask you don't get - and we all love a freebie.

Era explained in another tweet why the list is so elaborate: "My husband is not a foodie. For over ten years before marriage he stayed in hostels & ate outside so he did not have a hang of veggie shopping. On the other hand, I love home-cooked food and am very particular about it. So, the illustrative list to bridge the communication gap."

So it fully makes sense, if he's really not food-inclined, Era has to make sure her list is foolproof to allow for no mistakes or questions when he gets to the grocery store.

"Amazing! My wife couldn't stop laughing with amusement and precision of the descriptions," one commenter said.

Era even went as far to give people an explanation of the vegetable list, in the style of an answer sheet you would receive after a math exam. She probably wasn't expecting the list to go virals so when it did, she cleared a few things up for us all.

The answer list is sufficiently smaller but we learn how to buy ripe onions as well as scope out the best ingredients via their shape, size and color. For example did you know that an onion isn't ripe if it still has hairs growing at the top? We didn't either!

Husband Gaurav also added to the conversation surrounding the list clarifying that with every list he receives from his wife he is improving his veggie knowledge.

At the end of the day, if it works for them then that's fantastic, we could all do with a list from Era next time we're trapping the isles of the grocery store…