Will Smith Shows Off Naturally Gray Hair on Family Vacation | 22 Words

If there's been one interesting aspect to our eighteen months in quarantine, it's that people have started to embrace their natural looks. For months, we weren't allowed to visit a hair salon or get our nails done. Oh, and let's face it - who hasn't put on a few pandemic pounds, what with us being stuck indoors with not much else to do but eat delicious snacks? And in spite of their wealth and power, the same was true of celebrities.

Earlier this year, Will Smith shocked (and amused) the world by sharing a photo of himself looking, well - kinda normal. "I'm gonna be real wit yall - I'm in the worst shape of my life," he captioned the photo. And people were loving his hilarious honesty and relatability.

Actor Guillermo Garcia commented, "Enjoy the dad bod with pride! Let's end… the carbs discrimination." British artist Sonna Rele agreed with the message, adding, "You're Will Smith!! You can be in whatever shape you want."

Smith then took to Instagram to post an inspiring follow-up to the post, adding, "This is the body that carried me through an entire pandemic and countless days grazing thru the pantry. I love this body." Us too, Will!

And it's not just Will's bod that has undergone a quarantine makeover. The Smith family is currently on vacation with family friends, the Woods (of Jordyn fame) to celebrate Jayden's twenty-third birthday. And one picture in particular from the trip has the internet feeling shook!

"Tropical birthday trip with family and friends who are family," Elizabeth Woods captioned the controversial snap. But there was one overwhelming reason that the picture got quite so much attention - Will's new look!

The heartthrob has been known for his dark locks during his entire acting career - but it seems he's now decided to embrace a more natural look. He's ditched the dye and opted to show off his natural gray hair. Can we say silver fox?

His salt and pepper hair alongside his graying goatee mark quite a departure from the Will Smith of yore - but he looks great! And considering he's 52 years old, he's looking absolutely fierce.

And it seems that for the most part, the internet agrees with us! "Looks good on you, Will," one commenter wrote. "Very handsome gray hair and all," another agreed. One commenter even drew a rather flattering comparison, writing, "I love Will. I just had no idea my man was Obama-esque!" A final fan joked, "The Fresh Prince of Gray Hair."

What do you make of Will's new look? Are you a fan of a silver fox? And, most importantly, has he inspired you to put down the hair dye?