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Women have been sharing their own methods on how they protect themselves when they're out but recently, one woman's very unique idea has caught our attention...

And it has re-sparked an entire debate on women's rights given other recent events.


The issue surrounding women's safety from men has been debated for many years now but the most recent debate has been sparked again after a woman in the United Kingdom was brutally abducted and murdered.

It's always the same narrative and outcome that millions of women all around the world face every single day...


And the scary thing is that its been normalized by so many different cultures.

​Did you know that in the United Kingdom, ninety-seven percent of young women have been sexually harassed by men at some point in their lives?


A survey released by UN Women UK has found that this percentage of females aged between eighteen and twenty-four have suffered sexual harassment, as women report losing faith in the ability of authorities to effectively deal with the abuse that they receive.

This is not okay...

And although the awareness surrounding domestic abuse and sexual harassment is now more prominent than ever, way too many women find themselves as victims of these horrendous crimes every single day.

The story of Sarah Everard is a tragic example of this.

Sarah, who was from London, went missing on March 3rd after walking home at night from a friend's house and just a week later human remains were found in Kent that have since been confirmed to belong to Sarah.

A serving Metropolitan Police officer has been arrested and charged on suspicion of her kidnap and murder...


And, quite predictably, people have been reeling over the fact that a member of the police force may be involved with this horrific crime - especially due to the fact that the officer is believed to have had no connection with Sarah in the past.

It has also been reported that the forty-six-year-old had previously exposed himself to a woman in a public area 3 days prior to Sarah's murder.


More details are set to be released as the investigation continues.

It just goes to show how you really can't trust anyone...


Even those that are sworn in to protect the public.

However, while raising awareness on the issue, women have run into several problems.


And yes, most of them include men who are standing against them in their fight for equality.

The hashtag #NotAllMen has been trending ever since the murder came to light.

If you're a man and you still don't understand why this is one of the most problematic statements you could utter to women, especially during such a difficult time, let me explain it to you in the most simple way I can.

Women understand that it's "not all men."


The stats say so, but how do you spot which man is an abuser and which is not? In a line-up of men, who are the biggest perpetrators for these kinds of crimes, could you pick out the ones that have committed heinous acts against other women? Nope, you can't and that's exactly why it's hard to differentiate between them so women stay wary of the vast majority in order to protect themselves from the possibility.

"But it happens to men too..." Yes, we know. But yet again, the statistics show that men commit more acts of violence against other men.


So it just begs the question: Why are you not helping women get to the root of this problem if there's a possibility of it happening to you too? Is it too hard to criticize one's own gender? Internalized misogyny is one of society's worst traits and it really shows during these types of discussions.

But we all have to stay focused and thankfully now, a lot of us are.

People are using their platforms to speak out against this type of violence, with a lot of them even having to resort to ulterior scenarios to explain it to the men that still don't understand.

And while they're doing that...

Women are sharing tips and tricks about how to stay safe when you're alone, or when you're walking in public, or even when someone tries to harass you.

And the results have, yet again, shocked audiences as to just how much women prepare themselves before going out.

From pepper spray, to r*pe alarms, women do all they can to make sure they are fully equipped so that if they are harassed by men when they're out, they can try and defend themselves.

But even with this level of preparation, it seems as though some men will just not give women a goddamn break.

Tik Tok

TikToker @whatsupimjared shared a video that showed her being cat-called by a bunch of creepy men while she was walking down the street.

In the short clip, Lauren is discussing with her followers if she suits the color t-shirt she's wearing when some guys start saying "hello."

Tik Tok

Initially, she says "hi" back but things get progressively worse as they use this polite response to catcall her, referring to her as "fine."

But she had the perfect response for them...

Tik Tok

She decided to bark at them. A simple, yet very effective response.

Keep scrolling to see the full video.

And of course, she was commended for it.

Tik Tok

And for those of you that think because she said "hi" back, she was "asking for it..."

Prepare to be barked at.

Here's the full video:


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