Woman Calls 911 to 'Order Pizza', Dispatcher Plays along | 22 Words

Audio footage has been released of the moment a woman called 911 to "order pizza" in a desperate bid to escape a domestic violence situation...

And thankfully, the dispatcher played along perfectly to outsmart her abuser.


Here's the full story...

​Now, domestic violence is sadly on the rise here in the United States...


Especially in the last few years.

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience physical violence by their intimate partner at some point during their lifetimes...


And at least 5 million acts of domestic violence occur annually to women aged eighteen years and older, with over 3 million involving men.

​It's a terribly tragic reality...


But there are so many people and organizations out there who are trying their hardest to help the victims of domestic violence escape their dangerous situations.

And back in 2019, a 911 dispatcher played along with a caller who was in clear need of help.

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Tim TenEyck, a 911 dispatcher in Oregon, Ohio, received an unusual call on the evening of November 13th from a woman asking if she could "order a pizza."

​But he soon realized the desperately hidden meaning behind the woman's request...

YouTube / Inside Edition

And people have been left blown away by what happened next.

In audio footage that has since been released, the woman is heard saying, "I would like to order a pizza."


Tim, at first sounding confused, asks, "You called 911 to order a pizza?" to which the woman simply says, "Uh, yeah."

"This is the wrong number to call for pizza," Tim then says.


"No, no, no, no, no... you're not understanding," the woman insists before the penny clearly drops for the experienced dispatcher, who then says, "I'm getting you now!".

Tim began asking the woman yes or no questions, such as if she needed medical help...


To which she calmy responded with, "No, with pepperoni."

When Tim dispatched the police, he made sure they understood that this was an alleged situation of domestic violence and to not sound their sirens.


"Alright, turn your sirens off before you get there," Tim said in the dispatch call to police, "Caller ordered a pizza, and agreed with everything I said. There's domestic violence going on."

According to the Oregon Police Department, a thirty-eight-year-old woman called 911 when her mother's boyfriend, Simon Ray Lopez, came home intoxicated.

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He allegedly punched the caller's mother, fifty-seven, in the arm and pushed her around the house while yelling that he was going to hurt her, CNN reported.

​Lopez, fifty-six, was arrested on one count of "domestic violence knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to a family or household member," according to the police report.

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Tim said he has never received a call using coded language like this before, but he could tell that she wasn't intoxicated and her insistence that she called the right number indicated to him that she needed help.

"911 dispatchers handle these calls and don't get the recognition for their work. Someone else could've dropped this call, but this is nothing that any other dispatcher across the U.S couldn't have handled."

You can check out Tim's interview with Inside Edition here:

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