Many of us have marriage in our life plan. | 22 Words

One woman has shared her shocking story of how she found out her husband was cheating.

And no one can believe her...

It's safe to say, it got everyone talking...

Here's the full story...

Now, being in a relationship can be on hell of a rollercoaster.


In fact, romantic life can often just feel like a string of missed opportunities as you search and search for "the one."

It can be exhausting looking for love.


But once you find it, it really does make every part of life seem a little bit brighter.

Being in a happy relationship is many people's aim.


Finding the person who's a perfect fit and who you can stay committed to for a long time can make it feel like your life is moving in the right direction.

And, for the majority of couples, they like to take their commitment a step further.


Becoming engaged to be married is one way that many choose to express the seriousness of their love for one another.

Many of us have marriage in our life plan.


Living life with your soulmate is all any of us could hope for!

But unfortunately, it doesn't always work out as planned.


Relationships can break down for various reasons...

Too many arguments, not enough time for each other - you get the gist.


Or the one that makes everyone shudder... someone cheated.

Cheating or being cheated on is many people's worst nightmare.

And one woman found out her husband was cheating in the worst way...

The woman has since gone viral after admitting she found out her husband was cheating after reading his name in a newspaper announcement...


Celebrating the arrival of his second child with "some other female."

Forty-seven-year-old Ami Addison, from Pennsylvania, shared her shocking story on TikTok...


In which she shared that she found out her husband had been having an affair days before their 10-year wedding anniversary.

"So about a week before our tenth wedding anniversary I was in my office looking through the newspaper," the nurse began her video...


"At that time in the newspaper, they would publish birth announcements [with] the parents' names, sex of the baby, date they were born, what hospital. So I see my husband's name and some other female's name. I knew it was his name because it's an unusual name."

"So I look at the hospital website where they would also post pictures of new babies - typed in his name, and her first name, sure enough, they had a baby boy a few days prior," she said.

"But not only that, they had a baby girl about a year and a half before that. So yeah, that's how I found out I was being cheated on."

Ami's video was met with shock by other TikTok users...

With many begging her to share more information about the crazy turn of events...

In a series of twenty follow-up clips, she explained that she did confront her now ex-husband and that she filed for divorce not long after...


Only after ensuring that her 3 kids were safe and out of their home beforehand.

Check out the shocking video below...


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