White Woman Lists All the Things She Had To Learn After Marrying a Black Man and Goes Viral | 22 Words

The list is totally eye-opening and has sparked a fierce debate online.

It's 2021, and racism is sadly still rife across our country.

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For centuries now, people have been hatefully discriminated against because of the color of their skin, and shockingly, it is still happening today.

Admittedly, we have come a long way in the fight against this prejudice...

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More people than ever before are fighting for equality for all races and ethnicities... But that doesn't mean that racism isn't still happening.

The problem is, a lot of racism is now more casual and passive.

Which can make it harder to fight.

One woman has gone viral this week for a list of unwritten rules in her biracial relationship.

And some of them have truly shocked the internet...

"Me and Walter met seven years ago on Twitter," Pamela Johnson told Bored Panda.

"He retweeted something I wrote, we started talking and never stopped."

Though Walter was originally from the Bronx, New York, he moved to Ohio to marry Pamela.

And this is where the pair started encountering problems.

"I've always known that we [as a society] needed to work for more racial unity but I got an inside and unique perspective of what it's like to live as a different race by being married to a black man."

‚Äč"I see society improving. People are willing to talk about it, engage, learn, and try to be better humans. I think we are all trending upwards as a society, and I think that's great."

Still, here's the list Pamela Thompson gave ...


"So as a white woman married to a black man and raising a biracial child I've had to unlearn a lot of things. I've also had to LEARN twice as much. I've had to become aware and start to notice things my mind never would have before. My husband, Walter, and I were recently discussing these things and here's a list of all the things we've encountered:"

1) "I have to drive basically anytime we are leaving the Dayton area."


"We don't talk about it each time, we just both know that if we are leaving our general "safe" area and heading to smaller town Ohio roads I'm the one driving."

2) "I have to handle store clerks, returns, getting documents signed, anything with any federal building or administrative work."


"I get further with any type of "paperwork" thing that needs handled, people listen to me and are much more agreeable than with him."

3) "The chances that we find a Black or Interracial couple on a greeting card are SLIM."


"Unless you want to give the same Black Couple card every year, which we have. There are hundreds of white couples to choose from though!"

4) "My husband goes out of his way to be nice and talk to EVERYONE."


"Not because he's a people person, but because he has learned that a 6'5 Black man intimidates people and so he overcompensates by being overly friendly so people won't be afraid of him."

5) " If Walter is pushing the cart ..."


"I always have to have my receipt ready when leaving the store."

6) "None of our neighbors thought we owned our home, multiple neighbors stopped my father and asked him if he was the new landlord for us."


"Because of course, the old white man must have purchased the home. Not only do we own our home, it's fully paid off, we have no mortgage and we paid for it BY OURSELVES."

7) "It took us YEARS to find a church without racist undertones and low key racist members."



8) "When doll shopping our daughter gets 25 white options."


"And 1-2 black or mixed race doll options."

9) "The same people who stop us daily to say how adorable our daughter is ..."


"Are the same people who would cross the street if Walter was walking alone."

10) "We avoid all places with confederate flags."


"If we go to Bob Evans (or any restaurant that caters to "seniors") too early we are met with a lot of stares, the old racists eat between 4-5pm."

11) "When Walter goes to a playground with our daughter he constantly stays by her side."


"If not he gets stares and people wonder what the "big black man" is doing on the park bench."

"Walter is concerned our Black Lives Matter sign by the door will make us a target when he is not home so he asked me to remove it."


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