Man Tells Pregnant Wife She’s Neglecting ‘Wifely Duties’ | 22 Words

We're back ladies and gentlemen and it's time for your daily dose of Reddit's most notorious thread - "Am I an A**hole?" - in which ordinary people explain extraordinary situations in the hopes that they would get random strangers on the internet to side with them, and most of the time, they do.

Today's episode consists of a thirty-year-old female who is currently pregnant with her first child. Sadly though, at a time she needs to relax and stay calm for the health of the baby, her man and her mother-in-law are absolutely stressing her out with their outdated gender role issues.

Here's the story.

"My husband grew up as a mommas boy but throughout our relationship that dynamic changed and he became more independent," she wrote. "His mother always cooked for him, cleaned for him even when he was an adult he was never required or taught how to do house chores. He learned all that through me."

Okay good, finally, a man that's learned how to stand on his own 2 feet. Granted, he should have taught himself all of this before he got married, but we love to see growth. Anyway, here's where it gets a little sticky... This woman is dealing with a tricky pregnancy and also working a day job including overtime because her boss and her husband work from home.

"Now, my MIL and my mom call me a bad wife for not caring for my husband properly. They claim it's my job to do the cooking and cleaning. My mom justifies my MIL intervening in our household matters. She says I'm not a proper housewife.

"My husband complained to my mom today that I'm too lazy. That I haven't cooked a proper meal in a week and I only cook easy quick meals. I'm working a twelve-hour job while pregnant and he's working from home. My job is also a 2-hour drive from the house. I'm away fourteen hours a day overworking myself while he does nothing to help around the house and the few times he does help he rubs it on my face while calling me lazy and complaining to my mom and his mom."

What the actual f***? He washed a dish and did some laundry and suddenly he's a king? Oh hell naw. But wait, because it doesn't end there.

She continued: "While I was at work today my MIL called me and complained about how her son has lost weight since he married me and how I'm not feeding him and she'd never let him marry me if she knew how shitty I am as a wife. I told her her son is a grown man who's fully capable of taking care of himself, also told her to never bother me again while I'm at work and hang up."

You tell 'em, girl! The worst part is though, that her own mom called her a little while after to complain too, but the woman shut her down claiming she's not her husband's "babysitter."

But weirdly enough, it seems as though this is still the norm for a lot of people, even in the big ol' 2021 because she later spoke to her friend about the situation who wasn't nearly as helpful as she should have been.

"I was having a chat with my friend from work about that and she told me I'm TA [the a**hole] because that's what I signed up for when I married my husband and I should take responsibility when I'm not doing my wife duties the right way. She said I let online feminists get in my mind and I forgot what a proper wife is like and I'm being an ass by trying to rebel against my husband while also offending my MIL and mom. So AITA?"

Take it from me, you are NOT and I repeat NOT the a**hole. He is and an inconsiderate one at that. And I hate to break it to you, but so are your mom and mother-in-law.

It should be fifty - fifty always, especially because you also work. Bear in mind that duties can fluctuate depending on certain factors, ie. illness, pregnancy, overtime, whatever. But the fact that you're literally carrying another human inside of you and this man can't make himself a sandwich? Wow.

If there was ever a situation for big yikes, this is it.