Woman Rescues Paralyzed Kitten From Being Put Down | 22 Words

A woman recently saved a paralyzed kitten from being euthanized by giving him a forever home.

Sherilee Francis, who lives in Turkey, adopted a kitten named Badem after he fell from a third-floor balcony, sadly leaving him paralyzed.

Francis, who adopts and fosters cats in her spare time, took on Badem after noticing a post on Facebook that asked for some to take care of a paralyzed kitten.

Speaking with 22 Words, Francis explained: "I saw a post on Facebook regarding a paralyzed kitten that they need someone to take care of otherwise, it was going to be put to sleep. So, because I have looked after paralyzed cats before I just took it on instantly, I just knew what to do."

To begin with, Francis thought that Badem had been born paralyzed, however, after a few weeks of looking after him she found out that was not the case.

"A lady told me he actually fell from a third-floor balcony not once, but twice. So the second time made him paralyzed, unfortunately," Francis explained.

"We're not sure how but, we think the kids that lived in the area used to take all the kittens upstairs to play with them and handle them, and then he's fallen off."

Badem suffered nerve damage as a result of his fall meaning his chances of recovering were very slim.

Francis tried Badem with steroid injections to see if they would help him walk again but, when they didn't work she decided "to leave him as he was and not take it any further."

Francis made this decision to "let him be" based on a previous experience with a paralyzed cat.

"I just let him be a cat. I just let them get on with it because we lost our last cat through pushing physiotherapy on her. Trying to get better by swimming and physio and in the end, I think it exhausted her so much, it killed her. So we just thought we'll leave him, we're not going to touch him, we're not going to try to fix him. He doesn't have any issues."

Originally, Francis planned to find Badem a permanent home elsewhere, but as no one would take him, she decided to give him a loving home herself. And now, a year old, Badem lives happily with Francis and her other cats... and he's just a naughty as the others!

"From a young age he started climbing the curtains, so we just let him do it a few times because we thought it was fascinating, the fact he could do it without the other legs," Francis explained.

"After that, he was climbing all the curtains, in the bedrooms, in the kitchen. And then, he got to a size where he was so fat and heavy, he's pulling down the curtains now. He's terrible. He claws at the sofa. He does usual cat things."

But, while Badem might be naughty, he's also very loving as Francis explains that he loves to be picked up.

"He's always in your face and around your neck, trying to hold you. He wants you to pick him up," she said. "He's very playful."

Overall, Francis claims Badem is just like any other cat.

"He's pretty normal, he's pretty simple," she said. "He just looks different. "

What a wonderful thing she's done!