Her videos have gained almost 8 million views, with many users curious as to how they keep their relationship afloat... | 22 Words

One woman has taken "sharing is caring" to a whole new level, admitting that she lets her mom sleep with her husband.

Yep, you read that right. Madi Brooks, who has gone viral on TikTok for sharing her intimate family happenings, admits to letting her mom sleep with her husband.


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Brooks has explained in her TikTok videos that she and her husband have an open relationship and that they are both swingers, as well as her mom. So they frequently switch up their sexual partners, even taking part in social events specifically to hook up with other people.

Brooks revealed on her TikTok page: "Me and my mom are both swingers and it's great, you know why? Because when I'm not in the mood I can just let my husband have her."


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"Yeah, I'm that kind of wife."

This short clip amassed over 7.8 million views and is one of her most-watched videos. More than anything, people are totally gobsmacked as to why anyone would share their partner with their mom.

One commenter wrote: "Swingers is one thing, but this is a whole other Jerry Springer show."

While letting her mom sleep with her husband might sound bad enough, Brooks has even admitted to letting her little sister in on the action too.


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According to the comments section of her videos, her little sister is eighteen, but still.

What a world we're living in.

In another TikTok that has gone viral, Brooks said: "You wanna know how I keep my man happy? I let him play with my little sister."


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This understandably ruffled more than a few feathers, and the comment section of her controversial video quickly filled up with thousands of angry TikTok users condemning her "disgusting" actions.

Her videos have gained almost 8 million views, with many users curious as to how they keep their relationship afloat...


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One TikTok user wrote: "911 yeah please take them all away"

"This is some down south Alabama shiit," said another. While a third wrote: "This has to be a joke."

Each to their own, I guess?