Woman Says Men Should Stop Holding Doors Open for Women and Compares It To 'Putting a Dog on a Leash' | 22 Words

In spite of the blatant inequalities which still exist between the sexes, one woman has hit back with a rather controversial opinion...

There's absolutely no denying that women have been placed under siege by men for centuries now.

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According to global estimates by the World Health Organisation, around 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from their male peers - that makes up about thirty-five percent of the population of women.

This varies from women being trapped in their own homes by their partners...

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Or being harassed by complete strangers in the street.

This can be something as "minor" as being catcalled in the streets...

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It's still harassment and it still makes so many women feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

But whatever it is...

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Women being made to feel scared, helpless, and intimidated by men is not okay.

It has been happening for way too long.

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But now we're living in 2020, the younger generation has started to speak out about this unnecessary violence.

Since the spark of the #MeToo movement back in 2017, women have been speaking out about their experiences of harassment and abuse from men...

And they've also been standing up against it and calling out those responsible - including some very famous faces.

It doesn't matter who you are...

You have every right to speak up and say no to being treated in such a terrible and dehumanizing way.

Even though more people are standing up against violence toward women than ever...

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It is clear that it is still very much a problem.

But one woman has shared a rather controversial opinion.

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Claiming that she is fed up of men treating women differently.

And one area in which she feels very strongly?

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The holding open of doors by men.

And, needless to say...

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The internet has had a pretty strong reaction to her views.

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Her account has now been suspended.

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But user @UnbiasedKatie wrote, "Dear Men: Stop holding the door open for Women when entering a store. This implies that you believe Women are incapable of doing things for themselves & that you view them as incompetent. This can be compared to bucking the seat belt of a toddler / putting a leash on a dog."

Many are feeling angry about the tweet.

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