​Since it was posted, the video has racked up a whopping 2.1 million likes and over 4 million views. | 22 Words

A woman traveled 6,000 miles to remove the love-lock she and her then-boyfriend placed on a famous tourist attraction.

Kassie Yeung posted a video to TikTok showing her traveling all the way from Los Angeles to South Korea to find the padlock.

In the clip, you can see her getting onto an airplane before buying a pair of wire cutters from a store. She then makes her way to the top of the South Korean capital's North Seoul Tower, AKA Namsan Tower, via a cable car.

""I am one petty mf [motherf***er] idc [I don't care] what anyone says," the text reads.

The location is typically associated with tourists who want to publicly declare their love for each other by snapping a padlock along the rail.

It's a pretty common thing to do and also happens in places like Paris and Amsterdam and the hope is that the little symbol will keep their relationships strong.

However, as proved by Kassie, clearly it doesn't always work out and sometimes it's just best to end things. And the final thing she felt like she needed to do was to get rid of that pesky love-lock.

Speaking to Insider, the twenty-three-year-old admitted she was doing it out of "pettiness."

The video shows Kassie searching through thousands of other locks to find hers. She told the outlet it took her approximately thirty minutes of careful rummaging before she landed on the one she added back in the summer of 2019.

"Snip snip," read the caption.

I mean, some may think it's petty but I think it's the final nail in the coffin. Good riddance!

Kassie also said added that she wasn't just going to Korea because of that, she was also there for work.

​She was visiting Seoul to pursue a career as a backup dancer but she remembered the lock while she was planning the trip, so she decided to take a detour.

Since it was posted, the video has racked up a whopping 2.1 million likes and over 4 million views.


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I guess it's relatable to a lot of us out there... Big yikes.