Young Thug Shouts Out Maid for Returning $10,000 She Found | 22 Words

Young Thug recently gave his maid a shoutout after she returned the $10,000 she found in his jeans.

Taking to Instagram, the twenty-nine-year-old said this: "My maid just [handed] me this. She said, 'I found this money about 2 months ago in your room. I just wanna know did you get it," all the while he was holding up a massive wad of cash in his hands.

It seems as though the maid had found the stack in one of the pockets of the rapper's jeans and rather than just taking it, as sadly, most people would, she slid it under his bed hoping he'd find it later on.

"This when you a good n****, bruh," Thug added." "When you one thousand, you solid. S*** come right back. This lil punk a** ten thousand, that ain't nothin', ten thousand, but, solid."

Fans urged Thug to share the money with the honest employee.

"U should of gave it back to her for her loyalty honesty u didn't miss it u didn't even know it was gone," wrote one social media user.

"If he was really solid he would have said to her thank you for being so trustworthy & gave it to her," added another.

The news comes after the rapper has been supporting his friend recording artist, Gunna, while he's in the hospital. Gunna shared a video of Young Thug showing up at his room with not 1 but 4 expensive-looking watches — 3 Audemars Piguet pieces and 1 Cartier. Not sure if that'll get Gunna out of the hospital, but I'm sure it'll help in its own way.

"Still my birthday," Gunna said in the clip with a laugh. "Still my birthday. Not one, not two, not three, FOUR. Still my birthday!" He added in the caption, "My twin @thuggerthugger1 ain't never late. I think I'm feeling better already."

Gunna has yet to explain why he's in the hospital but judging by his visitors (and gifts!), he's doing pretty well.