Zac Efron has been on our screens for over a decade. | 22 Words

It has emerged that Zac Efron has been laying low in Australia for the last few months - but now a new video has left fans really confused.

Why? Because he looks so different....

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Zac Efron has been on our screens for over a decade.

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The Californian-born actor first came into our lives in 2006 as the fresh-faced, sparkly-eyed teen, Troy Bolton.

He was the ultimate teenage heartthrob...

And young girls all over the world instantly became obsessed.

And, after his success in High School Musical...

Efron went on to play a number of other roles of a similar nature, including another teen heartthrob, Link Larkin in the remake of the 1988 musical, Hairspray.

However, as he got older...

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Zac dropped his younger, more adolescent Disney image, and began taking on more mature roles.

The teenager we once knew and loved was gone...

And there was now a young man stood in his place - destined to become recognized for his great acting.

Although he began appearing in many more R rated movies...

Including crude comedies such as Dirty Grandpa and Bad Neighbours.

Oh, and we can't forget the time he starred in the Baywatch remake...

Himself and The Rock certainly got a lot of attention.

And the most impressive part about his role in Baywatch?

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The actor managed to build his "Baywatch appropriate" body in just twelve weeks when he was in training for the role.

But, in more recent times...

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The actor has ditched the abs and ventured into much darker territory with his portrayal of the notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile told the story of the demented killer...

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And depicted the journey of Ted and his girlfriend, Liz, as he is captured and accused of his many murders. Zac did the seemingly impossible and managed to make thousands of women suddenly become attracted to a serial killer... Despite his lack of Baywatch abs. If that isn't a skill, we don't know what is.

And people were going that crazy over the new, and "hot" Ted Bundy...

That Netflix had to step in to gently remind everyone that Ted Bundy was, in fact, a demented serial killer and rapist and that there were plenty of other "hot" actors to drool over on their streaming service.

But putting aside the "hot serial killer"...

Zac did a superb job taking on such a serious role and he is now recognized as a very talented and diverse actor.

The future is bright for the former High School Musical star...

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And the actor has just announced a new, and very exciting, venture with streaming giant Netflix - a travel docu-series called Down To Earth with Zac Efron.

He has an awful lot going for him...

And as you can imagine, his property value most certainly proves that!

It has been rumored that over the last few months, the actor has been lying low in Byron Bay, Australia...

The actor is said to be quietly living in the beachside town to escape the coronavirus pandemic in the United States... as we are all well aware of.

With Zac being a Hollywood actor, he will of course be staying somewhere very nice...

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And according to, he is likely staying at either Baywatch at Wategos, which is part of Byron Bay Luxury Homes, or local hotspot Raes on Wategos.

The Raes hotel is an "exclusive boutique retreat in an idyllic beachfront setting," and its penthouse rooms cost up to $2,000 a night.

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The rental home is located on Wategos Beach and offers guests spectacular views of the water and Julian Rocks.

These are the kind of views that come for $2,000 a night...

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Pretty stunning, we must say.

And as you can imagine...

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The interior is simply to die for.

Even though there isn't yet any photographic evidence that Zac is staying here...

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He has been spotted several times in the Byron Bay area and seems to be pretty convinced that the actor is staying with them.

But the latest Efron news?

Is that the actor looks radically different than what we're used to.

He's looking so different in fact that fans are feeling rather confused.

Efron appeared in Bill Nye's Earth Day! The Musical, which premiered on Facebook Watch on April 22.

And although he was only there for a moment.

Everybody noticed him and his new image...

And people simply can't believe it.

One wrote: "I refuse to believe this is Zac Efron."

Another said: "Holy sh*t I can't believe Zac Efron is Handsome Squidward."

A third simply wrote: "WHAT!"

Take a look below.

He certainly looks rather different.